Star of David Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant

Blissfully carry your favorite essential oils with you throughout the day. This Star of David-shaped diffuser pendant holds a tiny felt pad that can be saturated with essential oils that will diffuse as you wear it throughout the day. It's designed to release negative ions into your environment.

Negative ions are said to bring balance, energy and relieve pain. Each dot represents different negative ion types that serve a purpose. Increasing the rows or levels of exposure to negative ions may benefit your mind, body and spirit.
Amber Gemstone

Negative Ions this off-colored pink negative ion is the powerhouse that pulls your mind and body together. It may limit exposure to negative frequencies while boosting your energy.

Amber Gemstone

Far Infrared Rays this red element may purify your blood, increase warmth and promote healthy organ function.

Amber Gemstone

Germanium & Tourmaline this dark negative ion may decrease your stress and depression while increasing your energy.

Purlife is bringing you our most advanced Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant Necklace with Negative Ions! Ready to add your favorite essential oils and begin using them with style? We wanted to make something beautiful and handcrafted that you could wear daily and reap the benefits of using essential oils easily. Reminding you of how living a healthy lifestyle is fun and exciting!
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