Rose Quartz Gemstone Water Bottle

Elevate your hydration routine with the Rose Quartz Gemstone Water Bottle. Crafted from glass and infused with rose quartz gemstones, this luxurious water bottle creates a beautiful and elegant experience.

Add an Extra Stone :

Purlife is bringing your favorite crystals and gemstones combined with daily hydration! Rooted by ancient studies of energy nodes through crystals and gemstones, we were inspired to create a hydration source with personalization and holistic health benefits straight to your water intake.

With various crystals and their unique features, we have curated each glass bottle to be interchanged with other stones. Whether you’re feeling creative and optimistic one day or your body needs strength and relaxation the next.

Our Purlife Crystal Water Bottle holds 500 mL (16 oz) of water and features premium-quality glass that encases your favorite crystal or gemstone. We designed each water bottle to beautifully display the exquisite stone for a sleek and modern look. Our bottles also feature stainless steel, easy removal of the top mouthpiece, and the bottom attachment, which holds the crystal at the center of the bottle.

Each of our crystal water bottles comes with a black sleeve for easy travel. We’ve made our bottles for daily use and to take everywhere you go. Whether at home, the office, or running errands around town, our crystal water bottles are effortless to bring anywhere you go, no matter the activity. We also recommend using water bottles during physical and spiritual activities such as meditation.

Our bottles are 100% non-toxic and safe when infused with water. For best results, please allow the water to sit inside the bottle for at least 10 minutes. Our crystal bottles are dishwasher safe, but we highly recommend hand-washing the crystals according to the type of crystal (cleaning instructions vary for each stone). Each of our exclusive crystals and gemstones is carefully hand-picked and crafted to perfection for you to indulge in. What better way to stay hydrated than with crystal infused right into your water source?

Take charge of the energy you put into your body when hydrating with Purlife Gemstone Water Bottles.

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