Regal - Titanium Negative Ion Bracelet, Brushed Yellow Gold

Golden hour is every hour with the Regal – Titanium Negative Ion Bracelet, Brushed Yellow Gold. This jewelry bracelet comes in a polished gold finish that’ll make your style shine! Our negative ion bracelet takes influence from fashion and luxury.

Pürlife fuses the world of fashion, luxury, and negative ions to design beautiful jewelry pieces to compliment your grace and elegance. Wear Pürlife negative ion jewelry on the go, at the gym, or when traveling to your next destination!
Amber Gemstone

Negative Ions These are naturally occurring elements found near large bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and oceans. Humans interact and inhale these negatively-charged atoms whenever they’re near them.

Amber Gemstone

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) Are a type of electromagnetic radiation that exists in the invisible spectrum. FIR is produced by the sun, but it can also be artificially produced.

Amber Gemstone

Germanium & Tourmaline These are two remarkable gemstones found and mined from different parts of the world. It’s said that these gemstones conduct and emit negative ions.

  • Adjustable for every wrist size.
  • Comes in a polished gold finish.
  • May generate 3,500 ccs of negative ions.
  • May increase mood, energy and spirit.
  • Looks great with every outfit!
  • Crafted with germanium, tourmaline and negative ion technology.
  • May decrease stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Produced with the best gold and luxurious materials.
  • Amazing design that anyone can enjoy.
  • Feels comfortable on the wrist.
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