Clear Quartz & Lemongrass Essential Body Oils

Clear Quartz is a highly versatile stone that connects sensitive, intuitive, and creative minds. It is the stone of truth, openness, and spiritual understanding. Lemongrass, this essential oil blend, promotes self-reliance and aids in developing a healthier relationship with oneself.

Indulge in the healing powers of Purlife’s infusion of essential oils and crystal gems. With different body oils to aid in therapeutic benefits for the mind, body, and spirit, each unique formula caters to different health-giving benefits. Our exclusive body massage oils penetrate the skin to help calm, uplift, relax, and invigorate the body. Every oil is curated to make the skin smooth, soft, and never sticky or greasy. Enhance the quality of your skin and, most importantly, your lifestyle with Purlife’s premier body massage oils.
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