Blue - Black Matte Negative Ion Bracelet

This bracelet is made of high-quality metal with a matte finish and the ocean blue lining gives it a textured look. The onyx is a semi-precious stone known for its strength, beauty, and powers of protection. Some believe that onyx absorbs negative static energy and acts as a shield against negative energy so this bracelet is perfect to help keep you safe.

  • Beautiful blue streak down the middle of the negative ions bracelet.
  • May generate 7,500 ccs of negative ions.
  • Easily adjustable for your wrist.
  • Made with the finest and most durable materials.
  • Comes in a polished shiny finish.
  • Has two rows of negative ions elements for double negative ions exposure.
  • The wearer may experience the health benefits of negative ions.
  • May increase oxygen and energy levels.
  • Looks great with most outfits.
  • May decrease pain, negative frequencies and negative thoughts.
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