Gold Ring Negative Ion Pendant

Our Purlife Gold Ring Pendant offers you a stunning style while also charging you with negative ions that help to energize and revitalize you in your everyday tasks. The gold plated pendant is elegantly adorned by sparkling crystals to create a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.

Negative ions are said to bring balance, energy and relieve pain. Each dot represents different negative ion types that serve a purpose. Increasing the rows or levels of exposure to negative ions may benefit your mind, body and spirit.
Amber Gemstone

Negative Ions this off-colored pink negative ion is the powerhouse that pulls your mind and body together. It may limit exposure to negative frequencies while boosting your energy.

Amber Gemstone

Far Infrared Rays this red element may purify your blood, increase warmth and promote healthy organ function.

Amber Gemstone

Germanium & Tourmaline this dark negative ion may decrease your stress and depression while increasing your energy.

Purlife’s negative ion power technology offers an exclusive collection of necklace pendants. Hand-crafted with custom designs, each distinctive pendant is infused with negative ion technology that combines both energy and fashion for every individual. Finely detailed with premium-grade stainless steel, Purlife’s pendants are engineered to strengthen the body’s energy field all while reaping the benefits of physical, mental, and emotional advantages that come with negative ion technology.

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